About Atlas EPS

Atlas EPS is a division of Atlas Roofing Corporation that specializes in the development and manufacture of quality HCFC-Free Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Products. With plants across the U.S., Atlas EPS can provide product solutions coast-to-coast. In business since the mid-1960’s, Atlas EPS has played a significant part in the growth of technology and product applications in the EPS industry.

Atlas EPS Insulation is suitable for Interior and Exterior Construction applications, various Packaging uses and as part of Manufactured Systems, such as Recreational Vehicles, Garage and Pedestrian Doors and Sunroom Panels. Durable yet lightweight, Atlas EPS Insulation is easily cut and installed with minimum waste. With UL certification to ASTM D6817-07, Atlas EPS Elevation Geofoam is the perfect product for all geofoam applications.

Atlas EPS goes beyond just manufacturing products. We’re constantly working with customers to develop new products and new applications for EPS. With a dedicated Engineering Department and Quality Assurance Group, we can work with you to insure the best possible product designs at a competitive price. Whatever your fitness for use may be, the team at Atlas EPS can help translate your requirements into viable product solutions.

Atlas EPS products are third-party tested and certified and listed with ICBO (and now ICC), Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual.

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About Atlas Roofing

Atlas Roofing Corporation takes pride in being a customer oriented, market driven, low cost, high quality, environmentally conscious manufacturer of building materials, and is continually striving to provide opportunities for those quality employees willing to make a commitment to the Company, while providing a reasonable return for the stockholders. With this mission as its foundation, Atlas Roofing Corporation has grown from a single roofing products manufacturing facility to a multi-plant, national corporation providing premium quality roofing and insulation products for distribution throughout the world.

Through its ACFoam® family of insulation products, Atlas is well established in the construction industry. The Company offers a complete line of roofing sheathing insulation products, all manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and shipped from its nationwide network of manufacturing plants. All ACFoam product cores are closed-cell, polyiso foam, the most widely used and accepted foam insulation product in use today because of its dimensional stability, superior fire performance characteristics and ability to retain high, warranted R-Values.

Addressing Environmental Issues Through Improved Technology

As the pioneer manufacturer of foam insulation products produced without the use of environmentally harmful blowing agents, Atlas research specialists remain actively engaged in the development of innovative, energy-related insulation products, while maintaining the traditionally outstanding thermal and mechanical properties expected from Atlas. For instance, in accordance with the Montreal Protocol and while working closely with its suppliers, trade associations, and other government agencies, Atlas played a key role in the 1993 development of a new blowing agent, HCFC, for use in manufacturing polyiso insulation. Further, in response to other environmental concerns, the primary facers for most Atlas roof insulation products are produced in-house from 100% recycled materials. To reach its goal of continued worldwide market penetration, and through its expansion into Canada and Mexico, the world of Atlas Roofing Corporation is continuing to grow and the Company is fulfilling its mission of providing quality products whenever and wherever the need may demand.